Collagen Treatments

Dr Isom-Batz offers collagen treatments using the best ingredients from around the world and Japan which creates sophisticated skincare that is simple to use and effective. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, natural beneficial extracts and collagen from an FDA approved facility are combined in formulations developed through extensive research. Product innovation research is conducted on a continual basis to provide the latest in skincare advances. We have also affiliated ourselves with companies that bring leading edge technology to the skincare world.



Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and gives skin its firmness. Turnover of Collagen in layer of the dermis is about a year and Collagen is damaged by UV or polluted air during the turnover. Damaged Collagen molecules are deteriorated and cause dry skin, wrinkles and sagging.



Treatment uses a medical grade, highly concentrated collagen with a new technology, Dermoelectroporation. The medical grade collagen serum is transdermally infused into the skin layers and helps to promote healthier skin.



Med7 skincare products are manufactured by Med7 in California. All products use the highest quality-ingredients, which are sourced from around the world and are manufactured as naturally as possible. Med7’s Collagen-based serum contains 5% of a highly concentrated Organic Bovine Collagen along with Hyaluronic Acid.