Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction includes problems with arousal, desire, and inability to achieve climax. It can also include painful intercourse. This condition can be stressful and many times is not discussed openly with physicians and therefore not treated. It can affect self-esteem and hinder relationships.

Dr. Isom-Batz can help you determine what might be the cause by a few simple tests and questions. Many times, the cause can be identifies and treated. Along with possible medical treatments, sometimes couple and individual therapy are indicated, and we have specialists we work with that can help.

Many post-menopausal women have vaginal dryness and atrophy which can lead to very painful intercourse. Vaginal estrogen therapy (not estrogen replacement for the entire body) many times helps tremendously. For patients who cannot take estrogen due to cancer or side effects, there are a few vaginal ointments we can suggest and a new vaginal laser therapy, ThermiVa, which leads to increased new collagen production which can lead to softer tissues with more normal lubrication, which has been showing very promising results.

Dr. Isom-Batz has done specialty training with known experts in this field to maximize her knowledge of these topics. Female sexual dysfunction is an area that many physicians in urology and gynecology are not well trained in due to a lack of knowledge but the research and data is growing all the time.


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